This One is For You Ramona

This One is For You Ramona

Today I want to acknowledge the courage of one of my business partners.

She’s living a tough time right now and she needs our prayers.

I met Ramona last year at our mastermind in NYC and I was impressed with the kindness she was showing to people she didn’t even knew…she paid for my supper and she only had known me for a few minutes. She left her hotel room to one of the mastermind attendees for the last night because she was leaving sooner.

You know that kindness that is totally true and sincere.

She’s also a great network marketer, She has tons of knowledge and you listen to what she has to say. You can learn alot from her.

Right now, Ramona is fighting cancer and it is a battle that I’m sure she’ll win. Because that’s what she is, a winner!

Ramona, you are a great fighter and a great woman. For me you are a friend and a great business partner.

Fight that cancer for you and your family.

My prayers are with you Ramona, and all the people in the world fighting like you.


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