This Salesman Wanted ME to Hunt Him Down…

This Salesman Wanted me to Hunt Him Down...

I love client service. It’s an art…

Unfortunately not mastered by some salesmen.

I know that many people say that the client is always right or that we have to promise good and deliver great. For me client service is a relationship and we have to respect both sides…and sometimes that’s difficult for one of the parties.

Last week I was shopping for a new air conditioning and I called the company that installed my first one. The appointment was settled fast and the salesman was right on the dot at my door the next day. He looked at everything, told me what was new, what I needed to change and what I didn’t need to change…my current air conditioning is 17 years old!

The salesman made an estimate and I told him I would call later in the week if I was going to give him my ok. Straight to the point business appointment, with the no fuss I enjoy.

But you know you have to go with more options to see what else is out there. So I picked the no1 choice by the CAA (AAA in Canada) and I contacted them on Monday morning. Got a call back on Tuesday afternoon. Appointment was made for Thursday at 7:30pm. So far, it’s ok.

On Thursday I waited for the salesman, 7:30pm, 7:45pm, 8:00pm, 8:15pm…I stopped waiting. Locked the door and turned off the light. I receive a call at 8:45pm and the salesman just said that he just finished with his client and her said that he could meet the next morning at 10:00am. I said ok…and I started wondering about the seriousness of the salesguy.

So at 10:00am on the Friday, I am waiting…10:15am, 10:30am…I decided to leave the house and go to Costco. I had enough. 1 hour and 45 minutes wasted on Thursday night and 30 minutes on Friday morning…that’s enough for me.

I came back from Costco and I had a phone message from the salesman. He called at 10:50am and said that he was outside of my house waiting. NO APOLOGY!

Guess who I went with? The first company.

Even if you are recommended by the CAA, if you don’t care about me the client, you’re off my list.

It’s that simple! It’s the same thing for network marketing – You want service?

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