Three Tips To Become A Smarter Business Owner

How To Become A Smarter Business Owner

On this Monday morning let’s talk about how to become a smarter wiser entrepreneur.

And believe me it is easy and at the same time it’s hard. Why? Because you need some discipline to start.

To be smarter there are 3 tips that will help you and that are being followed by successful entrepreneurs such as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. Even Benjamin Franklin was doing it:

Read, Write and Act on what you learn.

Easy, yet hard to do when you have all the other life incentives that are distracting us from growing smarter.

Most successful people read for at least 1 hour a day. John C. Maxwell says he reads at least 3 hours a day, Warren Buffet 6 hours a day. I suggest you start with at least 1 hour a day. Maybe when you commute or 1 hour before going to bed. It’s actually a good way to sleep better while learning alot.

What should you read? Read biographies of successful people and learn from their lessons.

Write one hour everyday. I know that one may be difficult but you don’t have to try to be a writer. Just write what you have in mind. Write as you talk. You’re writing for yourself not for the Pulitzer.

When you read and write for an hour each daily, you will notice after a few days that your mind is changing and is getting more action oriented. You have tons of ideas, you feel enlightened and you want to move mountains. It’s the magic of reading and writing.

It’s now time to start acting on what you learned. And that’s the beauty of this exercise and this new you. You will be ready to move mountains and to be successful.

Enjoy your day and your new you!


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