Time To Be Thankful For What You Harvested This Year

Time To Be Thankful For What You Harvested This Year

I live in Canada and this week-end is Thanksgiving week-end.

I know that it is in November in the US but, we’re up north so we harvest earlier…however, with the climate change, this week has been a summer week not really fall feeling when you wear shorts and short sleeves!

Thanksgiving is a time to look back at our accomplishments of the year, take stock and seek for adjustments and improvements to continue with our life plan.

I encourage you to look at what you accomplished this year in all aspects of your life, personal, business, working, learning, etc…

Identify your successes and give yourself a pat on the back for each of them…you deserve to celebrate your successes.

Identify what went not so well. Write it down and think about why it didn’t go that well, what you could’ve done to be successful in that area and what you should do to become successful in that area. Take your time and write down a plan of action and follow your plan everyday of the rest of the year. This is the best recipe for success.

So enjoy this week-end and take time to look for your accomplishments, celebrate and enjoy them. You deserve it!


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