To Finish With This

To Finish With This

Back to the lottery mindset from yesterday.

So because network marketing doesn’t involve a building, employees, etc, people think that the money they put in their marketing and product is not an investment.

People are willing to put $1M+ on a McDonald restaurant and they feel it’s an investment, even though with that down, they still have to have cashflow to pay for the building, the employees, the food, utilities, marketing, etc…and they can expect profits in about 5 to 10 years.

People are not willing to put a few thousands of $, let’s say $5k to market their business online and to build their business. They see that as a waste of money….not an investment.


Because they don’t see the building….they see the electronic, like a lottery ticket!

In this electronic age, we have to be able to know that even if we can’t touch physically a business, like a restaurant, it’s still a business and an investment.

It’s as serious and you have to treat it as is….a business. Not money thrown away…like a lottery ticket.

Threat you online business as a business with a business plan and you’ll be successful


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