Today is Cheat Day

Today is Cheat Day

Fridays are cheat days for me.

On Fridays I do whatever I feel like, no work, no business, no groceries, no nothing that has to be done. It’s my day of relaxation, my pampering day, my Patricia day!

There’s normally nobody around. No hubby, no kids. So I often take a long bath and I relax most of the day. Because, of course, there are exceptions to my rules…like the Fridays that are pedagogical days for my son. Meaning, he’s home all day because there’s no school and I take care of him. I love those mom and son days. They are as good as cheat Fridays.

Or the Fridays that are a holiday. So here goes those Fridays too.

So I don’t do all Fridays but when I can, I enjoy to the max!

And it’s often during those days that I get the best ideas for my business. You know, our mind always fool around and goes all over the board. We have to love our mind for this. It always work and it works better when we let it work on its own and it actually goes to ways our rational mind would not go to. Do you have that kind of feeling sometimes?

It’s a great one for me because I feel alive and not numb!

It’s actually on a Friday Patricia Day that I decided to embark with this new business…. I remember, it was March 18th.

On that day, my coach asked me if I was ready for a new adventure. Because it was a relaxing day, of course I was not scared of the unknown. I joined right away….and it has paid off since then.

Since then I am involved with this new business opportunity that is coaching people to become successful entrepreneurs. On top of that it paid $115K in commissions on their first 3 weeks of existence. This is quite a great wave of sales! And we are only at the beginning of the big waves of sales. I expect a tsunami of sales!



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