Today is Ketchup Day

Today is Ketchup Day

You know, sometimes what you hear doesn’t make sense or you hear things the wrong way…

I remember when I first started working in Ottawa in 1990. I barely know English (my mother tong is French) and I was surrounded, at least that’s how I felt then, by “anglophones” (yep, in Quebec, we say francophones and anglophones – or francos and anglos for short)…

And you may ask:

“Patricia why were you working in an English office if you didn’t speak the language fluently?”

“Because, my friend, when I was hired in 1990, I was told that the environment was bilingual with alot of francophones…welcome to Canada (and I’ll leave this at that)”

Anyway back to my story, once in awhile at the office a coworker would say:

“Today is catch up day” and I would hear “Today is ketchup day”…


And of course, I was too afraid and really newbie to ask what that ketchup day was. Maybe they were going for French fries or some special lunch….

Until one day, a coworker came to my desk full of paper and asked me:

“Patricia, you have lots of paper on your desk, you probably need a catch up day”

Oh! That’s what they meant! Silly me. I turned so red, red as a beet! I felt sooo stupid!

Patricia, what’s the morale of the story…you ask.

In any situation in life, don’t be afraid to ask about what you don’t understand… Because there’s nothing more stupid than staying in the dark because we are afraid to ask.

And as I say to my kids and to people around me:

“The worst thing that can happen when you ask a question is NO”


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