Today is NUMERO 100!

Today is NUMERO 100!


Let’s celebrate my 100th post!

And there will be many more I tell you!

I feel like I lost 10 pounds…you know proud of me because when I got this idea of starting a blog, I was thinking deep down that it had the potential to be a big failure!

You see committing to a change in your life, to do something new over and over again every day is easy when you do it, but when you first decide to do it, any obstacle will give you a reason to stop your new habit, your new change, your new you!

What you have to do is believe in yourself, trust that you can do whatever challenge you decide to take on.

I’m sure you had many challenges in your life, some you decided to take on and others imposed to you. I had my plate full and it built me the way I am now.

I was talking to some ladies today after my Pilates course about some good books to read (you can see my top 5 business books from yesterday’s post) and we were saying that in life, there are only 2 basic emotions, love and fear. You either feel love or you feel fear…and taking on new challenges is fearful for most people!

Think about change it to loveable!

There are some tricks to change fear to love and one of them is having a positive attitude, because we all know that when we start climbing the big mountain of our challenges, the escalade will not be all that easy…plus we will need friends and family to help out.

So escalade your mountain and reach yourself at the top of the mountain…you will not regret!

To my next 100 posts…and more!

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