Today is Patricia’s Intimate Column

Today is Patricia's Intimate Column

Dear Patricia….

Today, is my intimate column. I love intimacy in business. Don’t you?

So let’s read some of my emails and answer questions from my customers.

Z question: I am a mother of 3 and I work full time. I want to have more time for me and my kids so I started my home-based business. Can I succeed with the limited time I can dedicate to my business?

Patricia: Absolutely you can build a business online spending as low as 30 minutes minutes per day Mrs Z. The important thing to remember is to have a good system in place that includes a client management system (an autoresponder), a lead generation system to generate traffic and sales, training and coaching and, of course good products to sell. Click here for more details.

Y question: Hi. I want to have a website to sell my pet shop’s products online. How can I do this without spending thousands of dollars?

Patricia: Market your business online is an investment. Also, there is now that shift on the internet and communities of business owners are forming and helping each others to build their business online. I suggest you find one of those communities, maybe there is one in your town. I suggest you check out this community, which is worldwide. Always good to learn from other peoples’ experience.

X question: Patricia, why are you involved in network marketing, what is the advantage?

Patricia: Network marketing is currently the best business model in the world. Ask Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Ray Higdon, Michael Force, etc…Network Marketing offers flexibility (time and money) and mega huge market…the world! GO HERE AND REACH THE TOP WITH THIS NEW OPPORTUNITY- be coached by 7 Figure Entrepreneurs.


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