Trust Your Gut!

Trust Your Gut

Have you ever heard that one?

Trust your gut!

I know that for some people, this is an obvious one, but I would say that for most of us, even when we feel that something is wrong, we just ignore our gut and continue on. Sounds familiar?

I’m sure it does.

Let me tell you a story. Actually, this is my story at a professional level.

I worked for the Canadian Government for 26 years, climbing the latter until I reached the level below an executive level. I worked my butt off to get to that level, while also raising two kids, my second one being autistic. I was lucky to be able to change  job every couple of years, either when I was promoted or when I was changing project.

Therefore I was able to learn alot about project management, planning, coaching and mentoring. I worked at the national and international levels, which was pretty cool…but something came up in the last years, that I wasn’t ready for.

I’m an overly enthusiastic person when I love what I’m working on but, I realize that there was something I didn’t like and it was interfering with my job and my learning…that is called politics, office and government politics…and I just went head first into that wall without realizing there was a wall.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I’m sure I’m not the only person who, at one point or another, in their professional life, hit the wall!

And I can tell you that my gut was warning me, but I just ignored the signs that were telling me something was wrong with my job.

You want to know the warning signs? Here are the ones I experienced:

I didn’t sleep well

I was dreaming about work

I was always tired

I was eating junk food to cope with the stress

So I was gaining weight, of course

This lowered my self-esteem

I felt trapped at work

I was moody at work and at home

I didn’t feel like doing anything with my family

I just wanted to be alone

Sounds familiar?

I hope not but if it does, you need the wake up call!

What was my wake up call?

At one point I felt so miserable that I had to go out and talk to a specialist. I did alot of introspection and I realized that I loved what I was doing at work, but I hated the environment.

So I decided that I was ready to spread my wings and work on what I love on my own terms. I started part-time, about 1 hour a night, after work. After almost a year of building my business and learning with partners and mentors, I was finally able to take the leap of faith and leave my full-time job.


Today, I’m happy at home working for myself on stuff I love. I can take care of my kids and family and I can even spend time on me!

Don’t wait for the wake up call before listening to your gut! Act Now!



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