Twisted Minds For Twisted Opportunities

Twisted Minds For Twisted Opportunities

Sometimes I wonder…

I had an interesting chat yesterday on Facebook. Interesting may not be the word but it showed me that some people can be really good at treating you as if you’re stupid…and you know what?

You and I ain’t stupid my friend!

We know better how to figure out a person, even if it’s just in writing and by voice message.

Actually, voice message helps alot because you can figure out a person by the tone of their voice.

So what happened?

I got friend with a guy from a Facebook group I’m a member of. So you know, I say thank you for accepting my invite and how are you doing…that’s it. I just want to know the person better, and if the person talks back to me, cool, we just chat, nothing serious.

But that guy, you could smell him from a mile away!

Patricia: You have a nice family picture

Guy: How do you advertise

Patricia: with my partners

Guy: do you buy traffic?

Patricia: yes with my partners.

Guy: Can you share, I’m curious and I have my own traffic business?

Patricia: Not really, if you’re not part of our partnership. and we only talk to people who are serious, not curious.

Guy: Details, details.

Patricia: Not if you’re not part of my partnership.

Guy: You’re asking me to be part of your partnership and you don’t want to give details…You’re fake! Give me a pdf copy of your income tax return.

Patricia: Euh hello! I didn’t ask you to join my partnership. You asked for details. I only wanted to chat with you…and I’ll never give you a copy of my income tax return. This is personal!

Guy: Euh! Yes true you didn’t ask me for anything. Here’s my links and some voice messages about my business and I love Canada!

Patricia: Thanks for the links. Bye!

Links of course showed a business that has really bad reviews all over the internet!

So guess what? I blocked the twisted man has I don’t want to deal with that kind of people.

Don’t be fooled by those kind of people. You know what you’re doing when you’re doing the right thing for you.

Don’t be side tracked by people who just want your money and have no interest in your personal and business development.


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