Vautours are Looking for My Favourite Flavour of the Day

Vautours are Looking for My Favourite Flavour of the Day

Yesterday I went grocery shopping to have a bit of fun…

I know pathetic, you would say but read on.

I like going grocery shopping in the morning of the first day the specials change. Why is that?

Because, this is when you see the most employees in the alleys going frantically through each item bar codes they have to change the price to align with the new prices so that they don’t have to give away free products. Yes! There’s a law here that give customers products free when the price that shows on the cash register is not the same as the price that is ticketed in the alleys. The product is free only if it’s less than $10, there is another rule for products over $10 but I forgot it. So as you can see grocery stores can loose some money.

Still it always amazes me…why do they do this at that time? For me, it’s totally crazy! Prices should be changed when the store opens in the morning…I guess they don’t want to pay their staff extra hours in the evening after the store is closed. It’s probably cheaper for them to loose a bit of money than to pay salaries. Who knows?

So I like to see the frantic…and it is often at the cookies and cereals sections. Most popular ones and where prices changes often. You can see one or two guys changing the prices…and some ladies watching them like vautours…mmmm…can we get freebees today?

What’s my favourite cereals for today?

The ones on special of course!

Did they have time to change the price?

Yes they did. OK I don’t mind. I will take them anyway.

I’m not specially looking for freebees but once in awhile it is fun to have.

That reminds me of some freebee seekers on the internet. You know some of those? Always looking for stuff for free and than complaining that things are not working for them. That the freebee givers are just not helping them at all.

What do they expect? That we will chew everything for them?

I have nothing against freebee seekers but I wonder if they really appreciate what is being given to them by network marketers. Many network marketers give so much free valuable stuff on the net and yet, they are not being appreciated for what they give away.

Talking of freebee, this one is for you. Enjoy!

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