Videos Or Blog? What Is Most Important?

Videos Or Blog? What Is Most Important?

Lately I’ve been shooting some videos and actually having a blast with them.

It’s funny how I can get through the same message in 3-5 minutes by shooting a video and it takes me about 30-45 minutes to write it…but you know what, I actually like both shooting videos and writing on my blog.

They serve 2 purposes for me:

The video is fast and easy and I can work on other stuff for my business after I’m finished. And that’s just cool.

The blog requires more time and reflexion from me and I also need to think about what I write in order to ensure that the message is received. So riting touches other skills and I love using them too.

So guess what? I can’t live without videos or blog! It’s like a salvation for me….as well as fast walking and reading!

What I understand is that we have to feed ourselves with whatever is good for us, physically and mentally. For me it’s learning. Learning as much as I can on as many topics I can.

It’s also realizing that it’s not because I’m older that I can’t do everything. Age is not an obstacle to learning. Au contraire!

I’m more techy than my kids and that’s cool!

I appreciate the possibility that I gave myself to learn and better myself through my journey on this Earth, I refused to be part of the rat race and be like a zombie. I am alive and well alive.

Let’s bring the new stuff to learn now and grow a better person!


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