What if…

What if...

…you had everything you wanted in life.

How would you feel?




Interesting question and it all depends on you. Because all the answers mentioned are a possibility and there’s even more answers that those 3.

For me, it’s to appreciate what I have and what I get everyday.

I know it’s not easy to not compare ourselves with others and whos they are and what they have but we should definitely not compare ourselves with others. Why?

Because we all have a different path and we can’t compare our point A to the point A of someone else.

So cherish what you have and appreciate what every day brings you.

…and by the way, I’m not telling to sit on your a$$ and do nothing with your life!!!

Actually, do all you can do to maximize your day!!!

That was another philosophical day for me!

Hey! I need those once in awhile…


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