What To Do When One of Your Subscribers Sends You $exually Explicit Emails

What To Do When One of Your Subscribers Sends You $exually Explicit Emails

We don’t know our subscribers personaly.

For sure…We can only hope that they are respectful persons but we have no control over that. However, there are actions we can take when someone acts as an a$$. You don’t have to tolerate improper behaviour. Here’s what happened to me:

This week-end, for Mother’s day, I received an email from one of my subscribers showing me explicit pictures and positions and begging for a response.

At first, I was shocked but then I started laughing…you know, sending me this on Mother’s day! O.M.G.! LOL! You must be so desperate!

Then I took my entrepreneur’s hat and thought about a course of action…not difficult. I’m serious with my business so I don’t need people like you.

I deleted the email and I blocked my now ex-subscriber’s email. I also deleted his email from my subscribers’ list.

Why do I do this, you may ask?

Because I respect myself and my subscribers. I expect my subscribers to respect me as well. Period!

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