What’s The Fuss With The Change of Hour?

What's The Fuss With The Change of Hour?

I love spring time. More time and sunshine to appreciate life.

I was listening to the radio early last week and that guy was just ranting about the change to daylight time.

Why is it necessary?

It creates a Monday morning back to work commotion as everybody look like they haven’t slept all night…stuff like that, you know…complain to complain.

Then he started comparing it to jetlag, and again complaining that we don’t have problems with jetlags but when it’s that daylight hour that we loose, we take one week to recup…

You know, I think he was under the influence of jetlag that day! His little comfort was just disturbed and he was in a sh…y mood…and he had to complain about something, anything!

That reminded me of some of my former customers. I had a couple of them that were complaining about any little thing. One specially wanted me to basically run his business while he would get the benefits…Hello! If you want a business you have to be more independent, read instructions and set up your business.

This guy was asking me questions like: how do I set up my account?

My response: Have you watch the set up your account video? Here’s the link….

How do I set up a fan page on FB?

Patricia’s response: Have you watch the set up your fan page on FB video? Here’s the link….

See my point here?

I’m glad I don’t have that person in my business anymore.  It’s time consuming for nothing. I only have responsible and professional customers now. People who are serious about doing something good for their life. Taking their life in their hands and wanting to have more control over it.

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