When Can You Say That You’re Successful?

When Can You Say That You're Successful?

That is a great question and I believe it is one of perspective.

I was talking to my mom the other day about success. I can tell you that my definition of success and hers are way way way different.

Let me explain:

I consider myself successful because I have been doing mostly what I wanted in life and I still continue doing what I love in life.

For me that is success.

I also consider my mom successful because she overcame many challenges in her life (she’s a WWII baby who was born near the Maginot Line in France).Now, after changing continent at 20, after many years of raising my brother and I and many years working full time, she can enjoy a really comfortable retirement time here in Canada…

…but she doesn’t see it that way. She thinks she didn’t accomplish a thing! Weird hey?

That made me think…So when do we consider ourself successful and why some people don’t see their success but others see them as successful (or vice versa).

I realize that success is one of the most difficult word to define.

What’s your definition of success?


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