When Scientists Jobs Make Them Become Frankensteins

When Scientists Jobs Make Them Become Frankensteins

Always interesting to see what people love to do…

Monday was a civic holiday here and many of my ex-coworkers were posting happy faces on FB and showing all the fun stuff they did on that special day for them.

That made me think…back over a year ago, when I was still working for the government. People at work were never happy, always complaining about their job. The fact that they couldn’t do what they want because of the policies, the administration, the management and yes the internal politics.

You see most of my colleagues were scientists. They have their special codes, their ethical rules…and mainly, they hate being attached to a leash by the internal politics.

And boy was there so much of that gooey stuff!

Put a scientist in a lab, close the door, have them consult each others, and they are the happiest people in the world. Why? Because they do what they love to do…their science.

(And No I’m NO scientist but respect them.)

Add to that internal politics, management and favoritism and you create monsters! They will moar, cry, stab to get the $$$ to do their stuff, etc…Real Frankensteins!

And the Frankensteins are only happy outside of work in that type of environment!

Sad but true. This is the life of so many people. Not just my former scientist colleagues.

Don’t become Frankensteins and do what you love in life. Not what others impose upon you.


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