Why Do You Push My Wrong Button?

Why Do You Push My Wrong Button?

“Because I know this is what you want most…”

…was my response.

My daughter often asked me that question when I took her allowance as a punishment.

You know, being a parent is not easy and it doesn’t come with a manual. You have to learn by reading, living the situation, ask for advice….parenthood is a tough but rewarding life experience.

It’s the same thing with business and entrepreneurship. There is no one manual that is giving you all the answers but you can learn alot everyday by reading books about entrepreneurship, listening to mentors and coaches, by surrounding yourself with successful people. Being an entrepreneur is also a tough but rewarding life experience.

As a parent, you know that kids are all different. You always have to remember that you are raising a future adult and you want them to be respectful and responsible. Parents learn all their life.

The advantage of entrepreneurship over parenthood is that the success formula is there and tested by other entrepreneurs. They are helping you avoiding their mistakes and they want you to take advantage of it. You don’t have to go through the same ups and downs they went through.

The question is are you willing to make the same efforts entrepreneurs do to become successful? Is that what you want most?

As an example, I got 5 sign ups to my new program in less than 24 hours this past Saturday. That is the pay off for my hard work.

Are you ready to do the same?

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