Why I Decided to Write a Blog for my Business

I have been writing for my business for awhile, mainly on Facebook, Instagram and emails…
and I love writing. I love it so much that it is engraved in my daily routine.

I write about events that happened in my life, about fun and not so fun situations,
and I also love to write about events that my family and friends tell me about.

There are so many subjects that we can cover in business, it is infinite.

So why should I start writing a blog for my business?

Why NOT? 

You will find on Google many articles that talk about the pros and cons of blogs for a business. Being a positive person, I prefer to look at the bright side of things and there are many advantages in writing a blog: provide value, build expertise, connect and help people, get exposure, just to name a few.

Provide Value:

When you write a blog (or any form of article) you want to write about topics that you are familiar with. Mainly, you should write about real life stories. Stories that are either related directly to your business or related to your experience. This experience can then be transposed into business topics.

Build Expertise:

One of the benefits of writing (a blog, emails, articles, etc…) is that after a while, you become comfortable with your subjects, you want to know more about them and, importantly, you want to share with others your ideas about what are now your favorite topics.  That’s when you start mastering your subjects and you develop expertise.

Connect with People and Help Them with their Business:

You provide value and build expertise while writing your stories, therefore sharing those stories with people is great. That’s why writing a blog for your business can help you reach people. Pleople who are looking for a solution to their issues, and, guess what, you may just have written the perfect solution for them! Marvelous!

Get Exposure:

As I said, a blog for your business can help people with their own business…and, as we don’t live in silos, people share on the net when they see great stuff (and not so great too…I know).  Thus, the potential for exposure. I love this!

And the cool thing about blogging is that you can use your post to get exposure on Facebook, Instagram, your mailing list, your leads, etc… and any other form of media you can think of.

So You See The Business Potential…of Blogging

The business potential for blogging is huge…and that’s why so many businesses are now embarking the blogging train…but they are not necessarily using the blog to its full potential.

Actually, most businesses are not using all the potential of blogs. That’s why it is important to learn some of the tools that are linked to blogs and that are not used, such as keywords, tags, hyperlinks, and much more. I’ll just mentioned those briefly.

Keywords and Tags:

Keywords and tags are important if you want your blog posts to rank well on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. You want keywords and tags to be identified and flagged on your blog posts. You want to have good keywords and there are ways to find the right keywords, track them and analyze them with tools like Google Adwords.


When you write a blog post, you want to ensure that some articles, products, tools, reports, etc… that you talk about in your post, are hyperlinked to your own advantage (eg, linked to an account of yours, an affiliate link, etc…).


Because you want to monetarize your blog!

Simple as that!

If you don’t monetarize your blog, you will not make it too long in this business.  I’m not telling you to have blog posts that look like Christmas trees because they have so many ads that it looks ridiculous….I’m just asking to have a balance on your blog posts.


When you write a blog for your business, your focus is to provide value to people. Always remember that. The rest is like icing on a cake, you can put lots of icing, with lots of decorations, but you always need a cake!

So this is the first post of many more…I hope you enjoyed it.





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