Why is Grey IN For Men But OUT For Women?

Why is Grey IN For Men But OUT For Women?

OK, must be me but lately I’ve been paranoid a bit.

You see I have grey hair and I love it because it soften my face – meaning I don’t look as severe (or bitchy LOL!) and people find me more approacheable than when I had my dark brown hair. So for me, grey is the colour!

But to get back to my paranoia, I’ve been noticing lately that when I see older couples, men always have the grey hair but women have the tainted hair, most of the time blonde! Go figure.

The last time I noticed it for celebrities was when I saw the wedding picture of Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch earlier this month. You know she’s a really nice looking woman but at 59, I’m sure she has grey hair and, from my perspective, wrinkles and grey looks more natural and beautiful than platinum blonde and wrinkles (no offence, I have nothing against wrinkles, I love mine)…but yes she looks gorgeous the way she is…and I suppose it’s a question of self confidence.

Around me, however, there are many older women who are blonde with lots of wrinkles. As I said I have nothing about the wrinkles but the more you have, the more I would try to look natural…and the blonde tainted hair just looks fake for me. As women, are we afraid of aging? Men don’t seem to have that problem.

I guess that in our universe of importance of the look, men are being taken seriously even with grey hair (actually, probably more with grey) and women have to look eternally young to be taken seriously. That is sad! I can just think of the many women over 50 we see on tv who have to look like 25-30 year old women because the producers say so…and then they want to be taken seriously…but the surgeries and the colouring and probably the eating disorders make them artificial and….

I talk from experience, I have a high school friend my age (50) who is an actress and plays 30-40 years old parts on tv shows and movies. Why not have a woman that age to play the part or asking my friend to play parts that are her age…you know she looks great at 50 I can tell you.

You know I feel bad for people who have to look younger to feel better or to actually have a job. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. I totally really prefer my shoes.

But frankly, I’m sure you realize that looks is very important in our world of appearance where marketing is everywhere and where, if you want to survive and succeed like those women, you have to look not good…but great and young.

A question for you now…since that makes me think … Will women be poor and unsuccessful if they look older and on top of that have grey hair?

This is an important question since it confronts the way we look and the way we are. It could have a major impact on our leadership.

However, I trust that if we (and I mean men or women) are confident in ourselves, we can move mountains.

Therefore, I know that I am successful despite my grey, actually because of my grey. I just work on my strengths and my leadership.

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