Why You Have To Go To The Top To Get Results

Why You Have To Go To The Top To Get Results

Here’s a story I tell people when they don’t want to stir the s..t to get results.

Almost 12 years ago, I was getting prepared to send my son, who’s autistic, to school. We met the principal and the psychologist from our neighbourhood school to ensure that, although my son would be in a special class, he would have access to the school daycare. Everything looked fine…except one month before the school started, I contacted the principal of the school where my son was to go (different from our neighbourhood school) and he told me point blank:

Mrs. Rapold, there’s no way your son will get before and after school daycare because the special classes hours are different from the regular classes hours.

Huh! Hello! I was promised daycare, I work full time!

The principal told me he didn’t care. Autistic kids cannot have access to the school daycare.

Hum! You definitely don’t know who you said NO to, Mr. Principal!

I worked for the government so I know how it works. My first call at 11:00am was to the Ministry of education headquarters. They listened to my problem and said they couldn’t do anything but gave me the number for the regional offices of the Ministry…I called there, told my story and I got the same answer and they told me to contact the school board’s Director responsible for the daycares. I contacted her. She wasn’t there but I left a message.

All and all this took 15 minutes of my time…at 3:00pm, I received a call from the school principal:

Mrs. Rapold, when can you come and sign the contract for your son’s daycare?

I had what I wanted! What happened?

Even if they can’t do anything about your case, people in governments talk to each others and my story went fast down the tube to the pricipal interested person, the block stopper! Because, I went to the top and they saw I went through all the other levels with my request for daycare, they were afraid I would go to the media talking about how schools are not helping integrating autistic kids.

You see, the worst thing that can happen when you act is a negative response…and even when you get a negative response, you have to continue until you get a positive response.

That’s why you have to go to the top to get results, and this, in all aspects of your life. Never take NO for an answer….continue on and you will get results.

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