Wow! I Planted Seeds and Now Look at the Results! Incredible!

Wow I Planted Seeds and Now Look at the Results Incredible

I know  that in this world of fast, fast and fast, planting seeds and wait for the results is difficult. We are impatient. We want a miracle grow formula to get the greens right now!

But life is not like that and business is not like that. I have experienced some results when I started my business in 2014 and I was encouraged by those fast results. Then I had to wait for a couple of months to see the next results and than again I had to wait a bit. But now, I have regular greens coming my way…and I love it…and I’m getting more and more!

The reason I’m telling you this is that, when I talk to prospects, they always asked if I made big money right away.

Hello! Really! If you want something fast and big…play the lottery…and you will mostly loose anyway! But there’s a chance, one in x millions to win big without efforts.

If that’s the way you think a business is, think again. And if you focus on results, you will be discouraged fast.

You have to focus on the seeds that you plant. You have to nurture the seeds for them to grow and give results.

Here are some ideas that can be applied to your prospects in business as well as on a personal basis.

1.Make a dedicated time for those who matter

Devote a portion of your day toward relationship building, even if it’s just 20 minutes, perhaps broken up into five-minute segments. Let those who are close to you know that you see them as a priority.

2. Attack the problem, not the person

When problems arise–and they will–take the time to understand the problem and the person. Instead of spreading blame,  take the opportunity to learn something and practice solving problems collaboratively.

3. Be the most positive person you know

Positive people are grateful people; they know the measure of how to appreciate others. They focus on what matters to them and they make what matters them important.

4. Never jump to conclusions

Don’t respond to any situation until you have the whole picture. Nothing can cause more harm to a relationship than jumping to false conclusions, so let go of your biases and judgments. Learn to stay open-minded and work on getting informed.

5. Underpromise and overdeliver

The best way to show people they’re important to you is to follow through on your commitments. Give more than is expected.

6. Communicate candidly and honestly

A good relationship starts with good communication. Don’t let silence get between what you have to say to each other. Good communication has to be developed, and the process takes effort. Don’t stop talking when something needs to be said and don’t speak when someone else needs to be heard.

7. Be passionately appreciative

Everyone wants to be appreciated. Don’t wait for perfection to strike; just appreciate and enjoy your colleagues, family, and friends for who they are.

8. Connect through service

Too many relationships are built on each party wanting to get something out of the deal. But the only way a relationship will last is if you treat it as a place where you go to give, not to take.

Working on your important relationships is a way of life that’s worth pursuing–because the quality of those relationships is the quality of your business and of your life.

Remember! You want results? Be patient and focus daily on your prospects. This is the nurturing. The fruits are your results…and they can be frugal or aboundant, depending on the effort you put daily.



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