Yes Honourable Judge, I Will Tell You The Truth, Nothing But The Truth

Yes Honourable Judge, I Will Tell You The Truth, Nothing But The Truth

The Famous Fence Story…

With the ice melting in the last few days, I’ve been thinking about a story that happened to me and my neighbours many years ago.

On an icy day, I was driving back home with my two kids when my car just slid on the icy road. Luckily, I was able to manoeuvre and turn into my parking. I just missed my neighbour’s fence.

About an hour later, my next door neighbour did the same thing, but hit the fence. Fortunately, the fence was not damaged because there was a nice snow bank in the way…a couple of hours later, it is dark and my front neighbour arrives, doesn’t realize that the road is icy and bang, hit the fence. Result? 2 wood planks are broken. Nothing to worry.

The next morning we ae all outside with the neighbour who got the fence broken and we all agree to help fix the fence. You know couple of bucks each and manpower, and the fence was fixed in no time.

So why am I talking about a judge?

Because I live in a condo community. It’s a special one as we are the owners of the streets and the sewers. The 3 neighbours who slid on the icy road called the Chair of the condo syndicate to tell him that the snow company didn’t put sand and salt on our street that night. We wanted him to tell the company not to forget the next time. Nothing fancy here!

But the neighbour who hit the fence just told the Chair that and that we all repaired the fence. No issue. Case closed.

The Chair went karaboomga and decided to file a lawsuit against the snow company! Imagine! For 2 wood planks!

And as a condo community, we had to spend over $2k for a lawyer for that stupid Chair who was on a power trip! And nobody was able to stop him, since he was the Chair.

Of course, when he went in front of the judge, the judge told the Chair that wasting taxpayers money, justice time, and witness time (yes the 3 neighbours had to go to court and waste 1 day of work for that) for 2 planks of wood was irresponsible!

And you know what, the Chair was upset because he had not been taken seriously!

Lucky for our community, he left the position at the next general meeting of the condo community.

Do you see similarities with certain people in the network marketing world? I do and I avoid them like the plague…I will leave it at that for ma sanity!

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