You Are The Chewbacca of Your Habits

You Are The Chewbacca of Your Habits

Excellence is not an act it’s a habit.

This quote was pronounced by Tony Robbins in one of his podcasts. I find it brilliant! Why?

Because, like Peter Mayhew who has been Chewbacca for almost 40 years and is continuing to personifying this mythical character, being Chewbacca is more than an act, it’s part of Peter’s life. (OK. I admit, I’m a Star Wars fan!)

So let’s change Chewbacca with Excellence and apply it as part of you. Part of your life. You are excellence!

Can you change your mindset to become excellence? Can you change excellence from a set goal, a performance to an acquired behaviour regularly followed until it becomes part of who you are?

Let’s try this and see…What actions can I take to become excellent:

  1. Take a conscious decision to become excellent
  2. Be honest with yourself and others
  3. Believe in yourself and in others
  4. Be positive
  5. Encourage and empower others – be a team player, a mentor, a leader.
  6. Be yourself

This is a long process but it’s worthed to become excellent in all aspects of your life. Because remember, excellence is being the person you want to be, not being in competition with others.

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