You Are Your Thoughts – Careful What You Think About

You Are Your Thoughts - Careful What You Think About

Yesterday we did a little mindset test. I hope it revealed to you that you’re stronger than you think. Today, let’s talk about mindset and attraction.

I’m sure that you heard about this quote:

You attract what you think

If you’re thinking about negative stuff, you’ll attract negative stuff. If you’re thinking about positive stuff, you’ll attract positive stuff. Simple.

Really? Patricia, it’s not that simple.

Yeah, I know it’s not that simple but why? Because our mind has a tendency to think about all the bad stuff that is surrounding us and how to ensure that the bad stuff will not come near us.

That’s called the survival instinct.

Yes, we have a survival instinct and it loves playing around with our mind.

The trick is to fool our survival instinct by conditioning it to think about what is good and positive around us. Easy no?

Let’s see an example:

My husband and my daughter are in the same room….bad, they will argue and argue and argue. OMG!! Now now, let’s think that they will sit on the couch and watch tv together, That’s a better thought!

Condition your mind to think about positive thoughts and actions. At first, you will have a tendency to revert back to negative thoughts but when you practice your mind to positive thinking long enough, it’s like learning to run a bicycle, the teaching lasts for life and you will have positive mindset set up for you permanently.

And positive mindset attracts positive in life. Think about it and teach yourself positive thinking.

I leave you with a positive video. Enjoy!


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