You Know Those AAAHHH Moments…

You Know Those AAAHHH Moments...

I had one of those aaahhh moments during the week-end.

Actually I had 2, one personal and one personal/business. The personal was when I was dancing with my son during the Walk for Autism Event on Saturday. I was so proud that he was able to dance in public. He was not afraid of what other people thought about him…he was just dancing for the love of dancing. My heart was full of love for this special moment.

The other moment happened the day after, so Sunday. I am new to a chat room full of 6+ figure income entrepreneurs. Actually it’s a small chat room where we strategize about marketing this new way of doing business. It’s a community of entrepreneurs and I just realized that I was part of this select group after only 1 year and a bit of building my business seriously.

And you know what? I felt just like home. They are nice people with the same challenges as me and they are just trying to help this new community. Feeling just at the right place was really a aaahhh moment for me!

I realized that it is not that difficult to surround yourself with the right people that will help you have the right mindset to reach your goals. You just have to find the right circle for you and your business. The circle that will make you reach the top much easier than if you are alone trying to do everything on your own.

Got to cherish the aaahhh moments that come into your life.

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