You Know When You’re Lost But Don’t Want The Help…

You Know When You're Lost But Don't Want The Help...

That’s called being stubborn!

In business, that’s also called being suicidal!

And I was guilty of it long time ago. You know, when I was a teenager I used to want to do everything myself with nobody’s help. I refused the help and I was often crying because I couldn’t do the homework alone but hated to ask for help…

…mind you, if there would’ve been personal computers at the time, I could’ve done so much alone and live a healthy stubborness teenage mode with Google, Wiki and all the search engines that we have right now here at our fingertips.

Being proud and stubborn would’ve been much easier then, don’t you think!!!

But you know what, in the end, being in that mode of ┬ástubborness helped me in my life, personal, working and business life. I just don’t give up. I’m like a dog with its bone. Better leave me the bone or I’ll hunt for a new one and it could belong to you! LOL! Joking here. I would not bite any one.

You know, I learned that being persistent, perseverent is what helped me moving through the hard times I lived, in my personal, work and business life. Being persistent is part of me…but I also learned that I can’t do everything alone. I need the help and experience of others if I don’t want to make the same mistake they made. I’m a bit lazy (or smart friends tell me – they love me you know!!!) and I hate reinventing the wheel.

And to become an entrepreneur, you have to be stubborn but also you have to seek help from people who have lived what you want to live…because having a business is like going for the long run. It’s not like a lotery ticket or a night at the casino. People who are successful are the ones who decided that it would be their life and they surround themselves with people who can help them succeed. So this is food for thought if you want to do network marketing. It’s easy to get in, it’s easier to get out.

It’s easy to say no to help and give up; it’s harder to say yes to help to reach our goals. It’s our choice…and…

Having a community with coaches teaching you the rules of entrepreneurship is a way to help you accomplish your dream life. Click here and grab your bone of success!

Enjoy your Saturday!


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