You Succeeded in School, You Will Fail in Life

You Succeeded in School, You Will Fail in Life

Most school systems in the world teach you how to fail in life!

How? They teach you how to become a loyal employee. Many school systems are still based on the early 1900’s where industries needed good employees for their manufactures or governements needed educated people for their public service.

Look at what’s happening in France right now with the new proposed Labour Act, and in fact in all Europe. People are manifesting for the right for a job for life. They complain that they studied for a job and there’s none when they want to apply for one.

In fact, there are many jobs available in France and in Europe, except that the indusctries can’t find the qualified employees.

Why is that?

The schoold systems are not adapting to the new job market!

As my daughter would say, orientation specialists suck! They wanted her to become a hairdresser and she hates that! She’s going to University in Entrepreneurship because she knows better than the so-called specialists! She analyzed the market and saw that this is where the potential is for her.

See! a 19-year old knows better than an orientation specialist!

My daughter is lucky to know what she wants, not all kids are like her. I can tell you that many of her friends are just wandering from one post-secondary program to another, because they don’t know what they want to do in their life.

It’s sad but true.

Anyway, I could go on and on on this but I will spare you for today. It’s Saturday and we must enjoy our time off!

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