Your Business Is You And You Are Your Business

Your Business Is You And You Are Your Business

Want it or not, this is true.

I know that some gurus are talking about internet businesses running on their own, giving you loads of money daily…

Well that’s true….but you still need to keep an eye on your business so it keeps being a cash cow.

Why is that?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, it depends how you look at it, the market changes often and the buzz of the day may not be the buzz of tomorrow.

So you have to adapt to trending changes. Want an example?

Not so far ago, social media were, well, social media. Now a business cannot survive without a presence on social media.

Another example?

Solo ads. Last year, solo ads were the best source of traffic….so guess what, everybody started to sell solos. Even some sellers started to create artificial lists so people are throwing money for false email addresses!

The new trend in traffic now is telling people that every address sold is a real person…unfortunately, we can’t be sure that’s true.

In light of those 2 examples, you see that you can’t really sit there and let your business run without your intervention. Even if you subcontract parts of your business, you need to ensure, once in awhile, that your business is still going in the right direction.

Your business is yours and not someone else’s.


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